Register as a Pharmacist

In order to practice as a pharmacist in Newfoundland and Labrador, you are required to register with the Newfoundland and Labrador Pharmacy Board (NLPB).

Registration Requirements for a Pharmacist

In addition to meeting general requirements for registration with NLPB, as detailed on the Registration Requirements page, pharmacists must also meet specific education, practical training, examination, and membership requirements. For specific information regarding the registration process, please choose the appropriate option below:


Practical Training Requirements

Applicants for registration as a pharmacist must complete practical training under the supervision of an approved preceptor. This training is in addition to any experiential training completed as part of an accredited pharmacy technician education program. The minimum number of hours required varies depending on the pharmacist education program from which the applicant has graduated. For specific information regarding practical training requirements, please choose the appropriate option below:

Prior to starting the practical training program, applicants must apply to NLPB for authorization to complete the program by registering as a Pharmacy Student or Intern.

Applicants are not permitted to begin the program until they receive notification from the NLPB that the application has been approved. Successful applicants will receive an email which includes:

  • approval to complete the Practical Training Program;
  • a manual containing a variety of activities designed to evaluate the applicant’s ability to apply their learned knowledge and skills in a real-world setting; and
  • an evaluation form to be completed and submitted by the preceptor at the end of the training period.

The manual of activities falls within the registered pharmacist’s scope of practice and is based on competencies set forth in the NAPRA Professional Competencies for Canadian Pharmacists at Entry to Practice (2014).


Register as a Pharmacist

Pharmacists and New Pharmacy Graduates who intend on practicing in Newfoundland and Labrador can begin the process of registering with NLPB by completing and submitting the following application:


The COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges for some individuals in their ability to meet the requirements to register or re-register as pharmacists with NLPB, for details regarding registration policies and procedures during this time, please refer to the following section of the NLPB website:


For additional resources, including NLPB Registration Exam information, visit the Registration Requirements page.

For a list of applicable fees and timeline estimates, visit the Fees & Timelines page.

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