Board Members

Board Members

Elected Members Zone 1 Pharmacist Keith Bailey
Zone 2 Pharmacist Jason Ryan
Zone 3 Pharmacist Jennifer Godsell
Zone 4 Pharmacist Henry White
Zone 5 Hospital Pharmacist Nicole MacDonald
Zone 6 Pharmacy Technician Jillian Thorne
Zone 7 At Large Pharmacists Timothy Buchanan
Taggarty Norris
Public Representatives Board-Appointed Shirlene Murphy
Mark Sheppard
Government-Appointed Gerri Thompson
Dean, Memorial School of Pharmacy Shawn Bugden

Executive Committee Members

Chair Gerri Thompson
Vice Chair Taggarty Norris
Executive Member Henry White
Past-Chair Colleen Squires (ex officio)

Board Member Nomination Orientation

Please review the orientation below before proceeding with your nomination to be a Board member.


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